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Interior & Exterior Painting - One Room or the Whole House!
All Types of Cleaning - Inside and Out - Residential & Commercial
Moving or Removing Furniture
Touch Up Painting
Stucco Repair & Sealed
Deck Cleaning, Painting & Sealing
Ceiling Water Damage Repairs
Caulk & Grout Kitchen / Baths
Hanging Pictures
Applying Window Film
Power-Washing Driveways, Sidewalks, Exterior of Home or Business
Window Cleaning
Wall Paper Removal
Drywall Restoration / Texture Application or Repair
Holiday Decorations, Hard to Reach Light Bulbs, Check Smoke Detectors
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This work allows me to explore my true passion of art. Visit my art gallery here!

About Me

John was born into a large farm family, the last of 7 siblings. Through his Midwestern experiences, he found many outlets for what would develop into an artist’s eye, and graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh just before the personal computer changed the world.

The artist finds inspiration in nature, notably the ocean and beach, the sun, and plants and greenery. His work also reflects the juxtaposition of old and new styles and techniques. The slow yet sudden change of paradigms. You can see his love of the experimental and creative aspects of his art in each piece. His mixed media approach includes digital photography, paint, clay work, vinyl work, found objects, and screen printing.

John is thankful for the support of his family and friends who have been instrumental in helping him realize new opportunities and resources. In the words of the artist, “ For a long time I felt like I was getting out of practice. But over the past several years I have rediscovered my creative juices… and I’ve come up with quite a conglomeration of expression… I hope you have a joyous time looking at my things.

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